Shenzhen Samhoo Sci & Tech Co.,LTD (Samhoo), is a worldwide success Digital PMR radio developer and manufacturer. The experienced team with more than 10 years have devoted most effort to develop DMR、TETRA and PDT radio products to public safety, transportation, public utilities, enterprise & business and commercial sectors. We understand our responsibility to support Mission Critical and Business Critical with robust and reliable professional mobiles. With continuous innovation spirit, we are trying our best to delivery most reliable Digital PMR radio products to our partners and customers.


Samhoo offers DMR SPH6000 Series handheld products, which are fully compatible with ETSI DMR Tier 3 & PDT Digital Trunking operation.

• Available in UHF (350-400MHz, 400-470MHz,450-520Mhz) and VHF (136-174MHz).
• Standard embedded Micro SD card and TF card for voice recodrding and encryption.
• Full scan function ,with build-in GPS ,man-down and vibration.
• Support Blue-tooth and flexible accessories.
• Big loudspeaker and noise reduction for high quality voice communication.
• Open API for third party development.
• IP67.


Samhoo SPM6000 Series are full features compliant with European ETSI DMR Tier Ⅱ & Ⅲ & PDT standards.

• Support conventional and trunking modes; support analog and digital modes.
• Available in UHF (350-400MHz, 400-470MHz,450-520Mhz) and VHF (136-174MHz).
• Different power output (5 - 25 W, 5 - 45 W), enhanced communication coverage.
• Standard embedded Micro SD card for voice recording and encryption.
• GPS, Bluetooth.
• Numeric and non-numeric hand microphone available.
• Integral radio / Split radio designs.
• Friendly open API for third party development.
• Full range of accessories for easy installation and utilization.


We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world

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