Founded in 2003, Radio Activity is a dynamic and flexible engineering company, specialising in the design and manufacture of radio system infrastructure components and applications. Thanks to our extensive experience and multi-disciplinary skills, our team of design engineers develop and continuously deploy ETSI standard and customised solutions to the global PMR market. Our technology has already been installed in more than a hundred professional analogue and digital radio systems worldwide, thus emphasising our capabilities in supplying the best solution in a wide number of applications. We specialise in ETSI DMR Tier II, Tier III trunking as well as analogue and DMR simulcast systems. Radio Activity is part of JVCKENWOOD Corporation.

Products and IOP Certificates

2021-001 Tier 3 Radio Activity Model KA-450 SYS and Kenwood NX3300 MS

2016-001 Tier III RadioActivity SYS KA-450 and Hytera MS PD985

2016-002 Tier II RadioActivity SYS KA-450 and Hytera MS PD985

2016-006 Tier II RadioActivity SYS KA 450 and Motorola MS DP4801

2016-007 Tier III RadioActivity SYS KA-450 and Motorola MS DP4801

2016-008 Tier II RadioActivity SYS KA-450 and Kenwood MS TK-D340

2016-009 Tier II RadioActivity SYS KA-160 and TAIT MS TP9360-B1

2016-010 Tier III RadioActivity SYS KA-160 and TAIT MS TP9360-B1

2014-004 Tier II RadioActivity SYS and Sepura MS

2014-005 Tier II RadioActivity SYS & Motorola MS

April 2011 – Radio Activity and Hytera (Tier II)

July 2010 – Motorola Solutions and Radio Activity (Tier II)

Discover the functionalities of our newest generation of soft radio, based on Linux O.S. A world of features in a smart size: automatic multi-mode analog/DMR/POCSAG, SIP/RTP interface, soft antenna diversity reception, 1+1 assembly, WEB server support, remote control, and much more. We are happy to assist you during your system’s installation and set-up.

KAIROS’ sophisticated software and hardware platforms make it a powerful embedded workstation. It is based on a LINUX core which, thanks to the continuous development from thousands of users around the world, naturally interfaces IP devices and networks and easily allows a high level of customization, without heavily impacting development efforts.

“Kairos” is an ancient Greek word meaning the right moment in which everything happens. Perfect timing is the secret of Radio Activity digital simulcast technology. Years of research and field experience enabled us to fix the right moment in the core of our KAIROS series of radio base stations.



Our modular base stations/repeaters are largely used in many simulcast realizations all over the world. The basic model already features analogic and digital services. It can be equipped with a dual receiver to counteract fading effects through diversity space reception.


We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world