Hytera, a leading designer and manufacturer of professional wireless communications equipments, is dedicated to bringing most valuable and customized solutions to clients across the world.We offer complete and customized communication solutions to government, public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business for higher organizational efficiency.Founded in 1993 in Shenzhen, China, Hytera has grown to be a key player in PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) communication industry with a large customer base in more than 80 countries and regions across the world. In China, Hytera’s market share ranks the 2nd, the 1st among Chinese manufacturers; globally Hytera has reached the 2nd in Overall Terminal category.

Products and IOP Certificates

2022-006 Tier 2 Hytera RD988 Sys-PD788 MS and Sphere Com TP-Pro+ Sys-TP-Elite MS Certificate

2016-001 Tier III RadioActivity SYS KA-450 and Hytera MS PD985

2016-002 Tier II RadioActivity SYS KA-450 and Hytera MS PD985

2016-004 Tier III Leonardo SYS RGW4000 and Hytera MS PD985

2015-002 Tier II Hytera SYS and Tait MS

2015-005 Tier II Hytera SYS and Kenwood MS

2015-006 Tier II Kenwood SYS and Hytera MS

2014-002 Tier III RADIODATA SYS and Hytera MS

2014-010 Tier II Hytera SYS and Sepura MS

2014-011 Tier II Sepura SYS and Hytera MS

2013-005 Tier III Hytera MS and Fylde SYS

2012-100 Tier II Harris HRD100 & Hytera PD780G (U1)

2012-101 Tier II Harris HDP150 Hytera RD980 U1

2012-102 Tier II IOP Kirisun Hytera Base 400-470MHz

2012-103-Tier III Hytera DMR Tier III Harris HDP150

2012-104 Tier III Harris HDT300 Hytera-PD780G(U5)

2012-106 Tier III Hytera Mobile and Selex Base

September 2012 – Motorola Solutions and Hytera (Tier II)

September 2012 – Hytera and Tait Communications (Tier III)

September 2012 – Motorola Solutions and Hytera (Tier II)

June 2012 – Tait Communications and Hytera (Tier III)

April 2011 – Radio Activity and Hytera (Tier II)

March 2011 – Selex ES and Hytera (Tier II)

Hytera DMR Trunking Lite - DS-6211
Hytera DMR trunking lite is a digital trunking system, which is based on ETSI open standard and focuses on transportation, energy resource, public utilities, enterprise &business, etc. With high integrate design, Hytera DMR Trunking Lite is provided with special features such as simple to installation, convenience to transportation and compact appearance.


PD78X/78XG adopts a 1.8-inch high resolution color transflective LCD display, allowing good visibility even under outdoor strong light. In addition to conventional communication services, PD78X/78XG(UL913) features rich data services and selectable functions such as Text Message, Scan, Emergency, Man Down (optional), vibration Auto Registration, High-speed Data Transmission and Lone Worker.

UL913 and CSA Certificated Explosion-proof Safety Hytera PD78X/PD78XG intrinsic safety radio is designed upon the requirements of USA UL913 and Canada CSA standard, the radio works safely in most hazardous environments with explosive gas and dust particles.

Digital Migration Radio PD37X Pocket-size Design The size is 106x54x23mm, weight is 160g. Small, light, compact design make it easy to carry. Micro USB Charging Supports micro USB charging by adaptor or computer.

• Four programmable buttons
• Micro USB port for easy charging
• Radio more compact through creative antenna design
• In digital mode, radio operates up to 12 hours using a duty cycle of 5-5-90
• Dual mode ensures smooth migration from analogue to digital
• Voice communication includes private, group and all call
• Work and user groups can be configured with unique CTCSS/CDCSS to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency
• Radios can be enabled to continuously scan each analogue and digital channel
• Supports messaging with up to 64 characters
• Supports a one touch feature for pre-programmed text messages and voice calls
• High quality speaker for clear audio
• Cost-effective digital experience


We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world