Excera is a young and innovative company specializing in design and manufacturing of high performance radios. It developed the world first full duplex multimode Analog/PDT/DMR portables radios. It’s parent company, Vigor Communication is a leading designer and manufacturer of Trunking and simulcast infrastructure equipment. Vigor developed the first MPT1327 trunking system in China in 1995, and have been a leading provider of trunking system to public safety for more then 20 years. A pioneer member of PDT standard in China, it have developed a full family of products which meet PDT, DMR tier II and Tier III standards. Together, they offer complete and customized communication system to serve a diversified fields.

Products and IOP Certificates

Excera offers high performance DMR terminals which meet DMR tier II and Tier III standard, the products are design to meet stringent Mil 810 standard and IP67. The radios are multi-mode, analog and digital DMR conventional or trunking operation with built in GPS and Bluetooth wireless technology. With leading edge technology, the terminals are full duplex operation in DMR conventional and trunking mode. With the powerful digital function and excellent quality, provides a solid and reliable guarantee for the emergency communications. Products are widely used in public security safety, public utilities and industrial and commercial users use.


Excera offer high performance repeater and basestation which meet MPT1327, DMR tier II and DMR tier III standards. The repeater and basestation support multi-mode operation, it supports MPT1327 and DMR conventional, simulcast and Trunking operations. With auto switching between digital and analog, the system achieve a smooth transition from analog to digital operation. It is able to support multi repeaters operation as well as wireless simulcast via IP Interconnect. With the advanced features of local area coverage as well as wide area coverage, it provides a reliable guarantee for critical communications.

Excera offers complete total system solution from mobiles, portables, infrastructure equipment as well application system: dispatcher, GPS mapping, voice recording etc. via its API architecture. Its open API allows for third party software and applications to run on its system. The system offers single sites N multi-sites operation with seamless roaming capability. It provides high spectral efficiency, strong security, flexible and reliable networking, smooth transition from analog to digital. It can be applied in the public safety, utilities, forestry, transportation, military, harbours, airports, power station etc.

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world