Tait communications have been providing critical communications solutions for 50 years. Tait designs, manufactures, deploys and supports a wide range of analogue and digital land mobile radio products and systems. We stand by their quality, integrating, testing and optimising everything we sell. Part of our range includes DMR in both the Tier 2 and tier 3 formats. Tait has focused on DMR tier 3 as the ideal replacement for analogue trunked radio networks.

Products and IOP Certificates

2022-003 Tier 3 DAMM Tetraflex DS422 SYS and Tait TP9500 MS Certificate

2021-003 Tier 3 Motorola SLR5700 SYS and Tait TP9560 MS

2020-003 Tier 2 Caltta PR900 SYS - PH690 MS and Tait TP3300 TP9500 MS

2018-006 Tier 3 Tait TB9315 SYS and Simoco SDP760 MS

2018-005 Tier 3 Tait TB9315 SYS and Simoco SDP660 MS

2018-004 Tier 3 Tait TB9315 SYS and Kirisun DP990 MS

2018-003 Tier 3 Tait TB9315 SYS and Excera EP8100 MS

2018-002 Tier 3 Tait TB9315 & TN9300 SYS and Motorola DP4801e MS

2017-001 Tier III Leonardo SYS RGW4000 & Tait MS TP9360-B1

2016-009 Tier II RadioActivity SYS KA-160 and TAIT MS TP9360-B1

2016-010 Tier III RadioActivity SYS KA-160 and TAIT MS TP9360-B1

2015-002 Tier II Hytera SYS and Tait MS

2014-001 Tier III RadioData SYS & Tait MS

2013-002 Tier III Selex Base and Tait Mobile

2013-008 Tier II Selex SYS & Tait MS

September 2012 – Hytera and Tait Communications (Tier III)

June 2012 – Tait Communications and Hytera (Tier III)

Tait DMR is a digital communications platform that delivers commercial and worker safety benefits for mission critical users. With the capability to carry both voice and data, Tait DMR gives you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. Tait DMR products adhere to the DMR Association's open standards, ensuring interoperability with other compliant equipment.

The Tait DMR Tier 2 conventional solution brings exceptional critical communications capability to your organization. Our offering provides more coverage and capacity, a lower total cost of operation, as well as a seamless evolution path to DMR Tier 3 trunking when your operations expand.


Because trunked DMR Tier 3 can carry both voice and data, there are countless opportunities and smart applications that will improve productivity and lower costs around your business.


Improving distribution grid operations with real time remote monitoring and control of grid assets has become simple and affordable with wide area digital land mobile radio. Our Mission Critical Communications Infrastructure provides full feature voice services and wide area data transport services based on the Digital Mobile Radio standard


Tait Enable is a revolutionary suite of software and hardware that places the control of your radio network firmly in the palm of your hands. Keeping track of your radio fleet can be an immense challenge. Who has each radio? When was the last firmware update? Is each piece of the network healthy and secure? How will you report the status of everything? Endless spreadsheets, meetings, car rides, and details surround radio managers.
But that was the past, and Tait Enable is the future. Enable offers mission-critical organizations four unique tools to manage, monitor, protect, and report on your radio communications network.

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world