ORIT® - a brand of MERETEC Technologies GmbH

ORIT® is a German pioneer and innovator of aligned communication and analysis productions for the public transport and a specialist for professional mobile radio (PMR) solutions of any standards.
We are in the position to enable a smart migration referring to the future, made able by an extensive compatibility for numerous analog radio systems of different manufacturers and interfaces. Also, with view to digital radio systems, which are based on the international ETSI standard. Whether updating the existing systems or changing from analog to digital, ORIT® stands for products that bring you forward.

Products and Information

Integrated touch screen display and connection for optional accessories
A remote desktop terminal is indispensable for many radio users. On one hand the place of installation of the radios is often not possible at the workplace and on the other hand an operator should not be able to access any setting possibilities of the radios. Especially in very voice active radio environments (for example at events and events), there are additional demands to the system which cannot be satisfied with a conventional radio. A combination or networking of DORAplus with our telemetry products enables revolutionary solutions in DMR radio.

Usability comes first!
The special feature of DORAplus is the innovative menu structure and intuitive usability via the touchscreen display in combination with the keypad and the multi-PTT buttons. Especially the multi-PTT buttons allow to switch between different call destinations and working groups extremely fast. These are displayed with freely definable colors in the display. All incoming and outgoing calls are visualized with logical icons including the call subscriber / destinations (radio ID and radio alias), so that the handling of DORAplus becomes child-friendly.

In the address book menu you can sort by radio ID or name (radio alias). The direct selection of letters via the keypad facilitates quick access to the desired participant. Alternatively, the destination address can also be entered directly via the numeric keys of the keypad. DORAplus encrypts the participant's name if it is stored in the address book.


  • Address book import from Hytera CPS
  • Displays Radio ID and Alias
  • Supports group-, individual-, alert- and allcall
  • Function buttons defined by Hytera CPS
  • Keypad to enter e.g. the Radio ID or individual calls
  • Connector for foot switch PTT and Headset
RADio Alarm Manager

Remote Switching, Warning Device and Status Signal via DMR DMR is mostly used by the clients for emergency operations or pure voice radio. But at the same time DMR offers something special, which can be used for both: the existing infrastructure and a saving potential accomplished by solutions, which normally are achievable only with enormous investments when using conventional technology. Remote Switching Defined short messages enable direct switching by a Hytera portable radio. Pre defined “text messages” switching commands can be realized by using a portable/mobile radio.

  • Barrier and gate controls
  • Switching of floodlighting and street lighting
  • Acoustic & optical alarm
  • Control pumping and lifting stations
  • Connection and disconnection of PV systems

Warning Device and Status Signal Via the RADio Alarm Manager a defined short message will be sent to groups or single participants of mobile radio in case of a changing status of an input. Monitoring emergency calls or Lone Worker offers new possibilities in your DMR network: In case of emergency the RADio Alarm Manger is able to switch up to 8 independent outputs - no matter if permanently or for a defined time. The connection to alarm or intercom systems enables the implementation of various emergency plans.

  • Monitoring of lone worker and emergency calls
  • Transmit alarms and fault messages
  • Intercom with defined text messages (e.g. facility management)
  • Monitoring of stream stage or flood basins
  • Forwarding of door contacts or bells

  • Integration in existing infrastructure
  • No restriction of voice radio
  • Password Protection
  • Multiple switching options per message
  • Individual and temporal definition per switching status possible
  • Optional DMR TIER III Trunking

We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world