FreshRF’s SmartBridge Dispatch Solution culminates many years of working with 2-way radio manufacturers to bring a fresh approach to the interface between users and mature RF technology. It delivers simple to use Android and Enterprise applications integrating radio systems with user in vehicle requirements in a single package.

Products and Information

SmartBridge Enterprise is a comprehensive client-server dispatch, AVL and health and safety solution. AVL for Direct Connect and 3rd party integration, multiple map data providers, health and safety for lone workers, in an enterprise grade architecture.

Smartbridge Enterprise is designed for simplicity of operation, hiding a highly complex interface with the radio's and operational triggers. Using IP/Serial interfaces it is possible to have multiple radio's on different networks all connected and available to a dispatcher. In the case of MPT and DMR a single radio can be set to change networks simply based on the field radio the dispatcher is trying to call. SmartBridge Enterprise includes full audio comms, as well as health and safety welfare management, AVL, Messaging, use of SDM's for simplifying operational requirements, and a full audit log of actions for H&S audit reporting.

SmartBridge Enterprise supports multiple AVL feeds whether GPS reports from the radio, or 3rd party AVL feed based on cellular, linked to the radio user. All vehicle locations (even non-radio) can be shown on the map and tracked with historic overlays.

Now more than ever with serious obligations on managers and directors for Health and Safety reporting, having a complete audit log of communications is a critical part of compliance.

SmartBridge builds on the pedigree of integrating operational requirements, not just setting up a call or sending a message, with the overall goals of efficient operations, as well as efficient communications.

FreshRF SmartBridge Enterprise


SmartBridge Dispatcher delivers a simple, touch screen, all in one dispatch console including AVL/mapping, Messaging, Status alerts, Contact integration, Lone Worker, and full call control. Download it now from the Play Store.

SmartBridge Dispatcher is designed to combine the key elements dispatchers need for communicating and managing radio users in the field; voice, messaging, and to show where those units are on a map. The app is touch optimized making use and navigation as simple as using any tablet app. Being an App downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store, it also updates automatically so you have no software support or upgrade issues.

SmartBridge provides a straightforward way to integrate radio into your IT environment, e.g. Contacts and their radio idents are managed either on the device via the contacts application, or through Exchange/outlook simplifying the process of updating contacts.

Display vehicles and field workers on a map, with added ability to tap and call or poll the worker. Using well understood "tap, pinch, zoom" navigation users can easily see where units are, and initiate comms directly from the map. Units are colour coded to make it easy to see if they are active or not. Map data is global and can be cached on the units if they are going to be offline, e.g. in SAR operations. A complete call and message log. Calls and messages in/out and missed calls. Simply "flick" up and down the call log to find the call, and tap to call or message.

FreshRF SmartBridge Dispatcher

SmartBridge Mobile delivers business and user benefits by consolidating the in-vehicle electronic clutter, turning the radio interface into a 7-8" touch screen app, supporting the convergence of IT and Radio, lowering the cost, increasing the functionality and productivity of field workers.

SmartBridge Mobile is the smartest, most fully featured radio head in the market. The radio is now an app; installed and updated automatically from the Google Play Store. The radio body goes under the seat and SmartBridge Mobile delivers a user friendly, operations focused, fully integrated frontend radio experience like no other.

With your choice of tablet, a 7-10" touch screen interface, integration with voice, messaging, contacts, AVL/GPS, operations, and health and safety features. Whether you have 10 or 1,000 radio's in the field, the simplicity of management, training, user satisfaction and cost reductions will be profound.

FreshRF SmartBridge Mobile
Think of the possibilities....

• Standard tablets come with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE/4G (if desired), NFC, and 7”- 10” of colour IPS touchscreen.
• IT friendly and easy to integrate Contacts from exchange, or just from a Google account, MDM, and other productivity tools.
• Migrating from MPT to DMR?, UHF to VHF? Mixed fleet?: No problem! Update the RF body, not the user interface.
• User and business focused functionality all easily updated: GPS based network selection, AVL store/forward, DND, call forwarding, group calls, volume control, status messaging, change the functionality on screen, all without reprogramming the radio.


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