DAMM Cellular Systems is a world leader in the provision of scalable, innovative, user-friendly and cost-efficient radio communication infrastructure products to industrial, commercial and public safety customers. As a key player within professional radio communications for more than 35 years, DAMM holds a leadership position in developing technology through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity. The future-proof DAMM MultiTech Platform enables critical voice and data communication across technologies, including DMR, in one single system. With customers in over 60 countries DAMM sells and markets its products internationally through a well-established network of business partners.

Products and IOP Certificates

2022-004 Tier 3 DAMM Tetraflex BS422 SYS and Aselsan 3700 MS Certificate

2022-003 Tier 3 DAMM Tetraflex BS422 SYS and Tait TP9500 MS Certificate

DAMM MultiTech Outdoor Base Station BS422 is the world’s only outdoor base station featuring multiple technologies in one single core-connected system, including DMR Tier III. This technology-independent solution features multiple carriers as well as simulcast in one box within either UHF or VHF frequency ranges.

Key features:

• Multiple technologies in one software
• Seamless integration into single- and multi-tech systems
• Reduced infrastructure costs using VHF
• Extended coverage with simulcast
• Rugged and compact design
• No single point of failure
• Flexible and future-proof

DAMM MultiTech Outdoor Base Station BS422


DAMM TetraFlex® Systems are specifically designed to adapt or grow with you, without incurring major additional infrastructure costs. This increases functional efficiency while significantly reducing both operational costs and Total Cost of Ownership. Our 100% IP-based technology platform gives you full architectural network flexibility. You can increase capacity, extend network coverage or move capacity from one area to another, as needed. You can even use our mobile rapid deployable solutions to create emergency or temporary radio networks, wherever and whenever you need them.

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We are here for our members, working to make DMR the most widely supported digital business radio standard in the world