DAMM Cellular Systems is a world leader in the provision of scalable, innovative, user-friendly and cost-efficient radio communication infrastructure products to industrial, commercial and public safety customers. As a key player within professional radio communications for more than 35 years, DAMM holds a leadership position in developing technology through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity. The future-proof DAMM MultiTech Platform enables critical voice and data communication across technologies, including DMR, in one single system. With customers in over 60 countries DAMM sells and markets its products internationally through a well-established network of business partners.


The DAMM TetraFlex® Dispatcher is an efficient and comprehensive dispatch solution, which provides dispatching personnel with a complete overview of subscribers across the available technologies. Whether communicating by text or voice, the Dispatcher covers everything from SDS text messages and group or individual calls to receipt of live video streams. The map and geofencing functions not only allow tracking of company assets (vehicles, goods, personnel), but also triggering of geofence-defined SDS messages or group assignment and attachment.

DAMM TetraFlex® Dispatcher


The DAMM TetraFlex Voice and Data Log System consists of three parts: the DAMM TetraFlex LogServer for recording and storing voice, data and Call Data Records (CDR), the DAMM TetraFlex LogClient for retrieving and playing back voice and data and the Log API for passing real-time call data to third-party logging systems. The Voice and Data Log System is a highly flexible and secure solution ideal for:

• Reconstruction of emergency incidents
• Radio network optimization
• Incident logging
• Network performance statistics

DAMM TetraFlex® Voice and Data Log System

DAMM TetraFlex® Network Management provides a user-friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimization of the DAMM TetraFlex Network consisting of DAMM single-tech and/or multi-tech products. Key features:

• Reliable and effective network management
• Subscriber register management
• Radio network optimization
• Flexible and user-friendly setup
• Multi-technology support
• High security

DAMM TetraFlex® Network Management

DAMM TetraFlex PTT is a smartphone application for secure business-critical communication, utilizing LTE or Wi-Fi. It is vendor- and technology-independent and is tailored for secure and private communication. No radio gateways are required; DAMM PTT is a purely IP-based solution that operates independently of any radio infrastructure. DAMM PTT can be fully integrated into any DAMM system and can thereby be used with all DAMM TetraFlex Gateways and applications, like the Voice and Data Log System or Dispatcher.

DAMM TetraFlex® PTT

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