Comms Connect 2019 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Congress Centre East, Cologne
26-28 November 2019

PMR Expo, Cologne, Germany; 26 to 28 November 2019;
an exhibition for the PMR Industry – its manufacturers and users.

PMR Expo, Cologne, Germany; 26 to 28 November; an exhibition for the PMR Industry – its manufacturers and users. DMR Association was highly pleased to be taking part and hosting its own events as part of the exhibition. With over 200 exhibitors from all over the world the event demonstrated the enormous variety of products on offer; the range of innovation and changes affecting the industry and its users. 230 national and international exhibitors met and exchanged ideas in an area of 4,900 square meters. There were almost 4,600 visitors from authorities and organizations as diverse as security, energy, passenger transport, logistics, retail and more. DMRA hosted both their TWG and Test Case Subcommittee meetings, as well as a presentation to the conference on Thursday. Questions raised were well considered and demonstrated the overall expertise of the conference visitors.

Jens Lampe (Phonak Communications) summarized, "The fair has further internationalized beyond Europe. We have a strong increase in visitors also from non-European countries." For both companies well established in the industry and new businesses visiting for the first time the fair is a first-rate opportunity to demonstrate their technical and commercial prowess and forge new connections.

PMRExpo is a worldwide network for secure communication. Users, manufacturers, system and application houses, network operators, consultants and experts come together for this unique event. In his welcome address, Bernhard Klinger, Chairman of the PMeV and conceptual sponsor of the PMRExpo, captured the event’s purpose: - "Mission-critical communication is more important than ever."


Powerful new features in the ETSI DMR standards

Tom Johnson, Chair of the Technical Working Group at the DMR Association looked at some of the powerful new features in the ETSI DMR standards including USBD data polling which enables high volume GPS location reports on a DMR Tier 3 control channel, talkgroup subscription/attachment and data/voice encryption.

If you missed the event don't worry, you can still get Tom's presentation by
Downloading the PowerPoint here >